How does Xen-Tan give such a natural-looking tone?

The secret to Xen-Tan’s success is the increased levels of DHA, the active tanning ingredient. DHA is released slowly over time to give a deeper, richer olive tone that lasts longer. Our unique formula contains a special time release agent called Lexorez, which means we can include much higher levels of DHA. Combined with premium moisturisers that are absorbed naturally into the skin, the result is a smoother, more even sunless tan.

How long does Xen-Tan last for?

Once applied, Xen-Tan Dark and Medium products create an instant, seductive colour that intensifi es over the next 8 hours, whereas if you opt for a Light/Gradual product, your colour will start to develop within 3-4 hours, and will continue deepening for the next 4 hours. You’ll then be getting envious looks and adoring glances for up to ten days, which can be extended using our Transform gradual tanner as a tan extender.

Why does Xen-Tan last longer than other brands?

It’s quite simple really: many existing brands use fruit acids to remove unwanted skin cells from the surface of your body. These fruit acids, whilst effective, also make your tan fade faster and dry out your skin. So we’ve removed all fruit acids from our body tanning products and enriched our formula with moisturisers that retain your glow for longer.

Is Xen-Tan suitable for very fair skin?

Of course. Our products are specially formulated to work with your natural colour. That means it will blend in seamlessly regardless of your skin tone, leaving you with an exquisite tan and a radiant smile.

Do you have to sleep in it like other self-tanning formulas?

No. Unlike other fake tans, our Dark and Medium products give an instant, pure colour that becomes richer over time, while our Light/Gradual products take just 3-4 hours to start developing. And because every product in the range is beautifully scented, they’re a pleasure to use any time of day. Ideal if you want to look sensational and feel amazing in no time at all.

Can Xen-Tan be used by people with dry skin?

Xen-Tan is packed with moisturisers that penetrate deep into your skin to prevent dry patches from occurring. This also makes it easier to apply to problem areas like hands and feet. So once you’re done, all you’re left with is a sensational look and dreamy smooth skin. Nothing more, nothing less.

What marketing will Xen-Tan provide to support sales?

We’re proud of the stunning finish that Xen-Tan gives everyone who uses it, so it should be no surprise that we want to tell as many people as possible. To support your in-salon marketing we offer some eye-catching print material, as well as a nationwide PR campaign, online campaigns and a salon locator tool.

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