Xen-Tan Hard To Reach Back Applicator

hard to reach back applicator

Xen-Tan's Hard To Reach is a handy back applicator that works with any self-tan lotion, mousse, or mist to make your fake tan application even easier.  

Eliminate the problem of needing an extra set of hands by using Hard To Reach to apply your self-tan product to each and every inch of your hard to reach areas such as back, upper arms and legs.

The soft, reusbale foam applicator pads also help to spread your tan for an evenly smooth, flawless colour.

You don’t even have to clean it whilst you are tanning and risk your colour running - a clever hinge allows you to fold it in half, ideal for easy travel and storage. Simply snap the applicator shut and store it away until later.

The Xen-Tan Hard To Reach Applicator is the perfect accompaniment to all our self-tanning products, and ensures you achieve an even more flawless, all-over application.

Designed to last, our Hard to Reach applicator includes 5 replaceable foam pads that may last up to 2 years with proper care. To ensure you always get the best results, make sure you wash your pads with mild soap and water after every application.

RRP £13.99

29 Jan 2020 - 12:48 pm

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  • To pepare Hard to Reach for use, gently open the applicator until your hear it click into place.
  • Place self-tan product directly onto back applicator and apply to skin.
  • To replace the pad, remove the used pad from the applicator. Remove the backing paper from the new pad and press onto the applicator.
  • For best results, rinse each pad with mild soap and luke warm water and leave to dry after each use.
  • Hard to Reach includes 5 replaceable foam pads that may last up to 2 years with proper care.

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