Xen-Tan Transformation Ultra, 236ml

Have you ever wanted to tan without wearing a self tan? With Transformation Ultra, you can do just that! With a new breakthrough in DHA (the self-tanning ingredient), Transformation Ultra gives you a tan that looks more realistic than ever before. It's loaded with all the luxurious ingredients you could ever want to bathe and pamper your skin; Broccoli Seed for the ultimate in skin damage protection, Moroccan Oil for a smooth finish, humectants to evenly distribute the tan across your skin and peptides to build collagen. 

Rinse off after 45 minutes for a light to medium tan. For a dark tan, rinse off after 3 hours. Let your tan develop for a full 10 hours to achieve the darkest, longest wearing tan possible! With this unique formula you no longer need to fear self tan on your sheets or light coloured clothing. The  cucumber-melon scent smells fresh on application and as it continues to work after you wash it off, you don't need to worry about any tell-tale odours as your tan develops. Transformation Ultra is the most unique self tan available!

Reasons to love Fresh Tanning Mousse...

  • Optimum Complex-30™ means tan develops into the richest, deepest shade.
  • Allows complete control over depth of colour depending on how long you leave it on to develop.
  • Sheer guide colour means you no longer need to fear self tan on your sheets or light coloured clothing.
  • Contains Broccoli seed, the ultimate in skin damage protection, to help maintain your skin's youthful appearance.
  • Humectants help to create an ultra-even finish and coverage.
  • Super clean cucumber-melon scent that smells fresh while you're tanning and even after washing off!

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