The Tan That's Right For Everyone

As there's a perfect Xen-Tan for each and every one of us, our fans are as varied as their skin tones! But their reasons for loving it are pretty similar - it's the way the gorgeous sun-kissed glow makes them feel. Because when something makes you this happy, it makes sense to share the love.

"My salon introduced me to Xen-Tan a few months ago and I'm delighted with the difference it's made. The olive colour feels more natural and genuine - I'll never go back to my old stuff"
Helen, York

"I can safely say there is no better product around. It smells good, it looks good, it feels good. It's the stuff of dreams."
Nicole, Lincolnshire

"I was a little sceptical at first - I'd heard too many false promises before, but Xen-Tan is genuinely different. The colour's perfect and the moisturisers mean my skin feels fresh and soft."
Libby, Leeds

"Just a note to say thank you so much! I got my Xen-Tan on Friday and applied it overnight. The colour is amazing and the smell is delicious."
Janet (UK)
"It might sound a little silly but this has totally turned my life around - I know now when I go out that I'm looking my best and I don't have to feel self-conscious about streaks or patches."
Keelie, Pontefract

"I wouldn't swap it for anything else. Except perhaps a fortnight in the Seychelles."
Rachel, Wales

"I would just like to say that I have tried and tested just about every fake tan on the market. My aim was to find the perfect fake tan. I am pleased to say that I have finally succeeded - Xen-Tan is the perfect self-tanner! I have purchased the Xen-Tan Dark Lotion, the Xen-Tan Transform and today I have just purchased the Deep Bronze. I'm sure this will be another favourite. I just wanted to say well done and keep up the good work!"
Lyndsay, Scotland
"I tried Xen-Tan and love it, it smells gorgeous, went on so smoothly and became a beautiful natural tan - not orange or streaky at all!"
Lindsay, Stockton-on-Tees
"It's so easy to use and looks amazingly natural without any streaks like other tans do. I love it!!"
Pippa, Brighton
"I would like to recommend Xen-Tan to all those fair skinned and freckled people.I love the colour it gave me. I've tried loads of other self tans and they have all left me an orange or pale yellow colour,  which wasn't a good look! Great smelling product with no fake tan after smell. Was a bit worried about the dark choc colour before I put it on but once applied it left you with an instant glow. Goodbye sunbed sessions!!!! Thank you for a great product."
Mrs Jackson
"I was an ardent St Tropez fan for years and Xen-Tan knocks spots off it! I'm definitely converted."
Jodie, Leicester
"We constantly had our dancers complaining about their fake tans and they have tried every single one of them, and all they had were patchy ankles, orange skin, and not to mention the smell (awful), no matter what the fake tan promised. I tried Xen-Tan 6 months ago, and knew we had to start retailing this product, it was the best fake tan I had ever tried and believe me I have tried them all! This product sells like hotcakes for us, our clients cannot get enough!"
Donna, The Dance Studio
"I would just like to let you know how fantastic I think Xen-Tan is. I have tried many other self tanning products and this self tan is just the best yet. It is easy to apply with a natural instant olive (not orange) colour that looks fantastic, it also has a pleasant smell and as with many self tans it is not drying to the skin and fades totally naturally. "
Sue, Worcestershire
"Absolutely wonderful! easy to apply, dries really quickly, beautiful colour. Thanks! Off to buy more products... "
Janice, Birmingham
"I really love the mousse, it's fantastic. No streaks at all, not even on my feet which is really unusual as all the false tans I have used before have always gone really streaky around my feet. I have always been terrified to use them but this mouse you have is great, you can just slap it on and it looks great. The first time I used it I must have spent about an hour putting it on really carefully. The second time I used it I just slapped it on in a rush and it looked just as good"
Kerry, Manchester
"I have used so many self tans including the 'muddy one' in the past but never has tanning been so easy and the results so stunning! I'm blonde and previously my faux tan has always had a slight unreal, orange tint to it, but with Xen-Tan the dusky golden tone is divine and so natural! I have extremely dry sensitive skin too and other fake tans have left my skin like shoe leather but Xen-Tan has given me skin glowing with health and vitality. The best of all is the sumptuous exotic smell, no more smelling like a rusty old biscuit tin for me! Thank you so much Xen-Tan for the most gorgeously bronzed, hydrated, tropical smelling skin."
Mrs Steele, Lincolnshire
"Xen-tan is the best fake tan I have ever used, the olive colour is fantastic (I simply look as though I've been on holiday) and it smells delicious. I apply it after my morning shower and within minutes I have a beautiful dark, yet natural tan that lasts me at least a week."
Tricia, Cheshire
"Just a quick email to say how fantastic your products are. Growing up in Australia, I am aware of what the sun can do to your skin over the years. I have very fair skin but your tanning products not only do what you claim they do but they smell fantastic. I have had many remarks on how "tanned" I look and if I had been on holiday...... and all that commented were extremely surprised when I told them that it was fake. At last a tanner with no draw backs! Well done."

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