Xen-Tan - a festival beauty essential

A summer of festivals is just around the corner,and with all things fashion and beauty being just as important as the music it is key that you look the part! Golden arms and bronzed legs against the shortest of shorts and oversized shirts is essential for festival chic! 

So whether you are heading to Glastonbury, V, Wireless or T in the park this summer, perfect your sun-kissed golden glow with Xen-Tan! 

It goes without saying that a Xen-Tan Professional Spray Tan would be the perfect choice for any festival-goer. With it's skin-nourishing ingredients, Xen-Tan will give you a natural sun-kissed glow in minutes that will last the whole weekend and beyond!

The Warm Up...

We know you've heard this before, but we're still going to say it again! To get the best results, prepare your skin by exfoliating twice a week in the run up to the big event. This will remove all the dead skin cells on the surface leaving you with the perfect base to apply your tan. Moisturising your skin both before and after tanning is also essential. Your tan will last longer and will fade more evenly this way too. 

  • Xen-Tan Body Scrub - gentle enough to use before, during and after tanning, this delicious scrub is oil free so won't stop your tan soaking in to your skin
  • Xen-Tan Scent Secure - a light oil-free moisturiser, perfect to use before and after tanning

Tip: Pay extra attention to problem areas such as elbows, knees, ankles, feet and hands

The Headline...

It goes without saying that a Xen-Tan Professional Spray Tan is the perfect choice for every festival goer. With it's skin-nourishing ingredients, Xen-Tan will give you a natural sun-kissed glow in minutes that lasts the whole weekend and beyond and fades flawlessly too.

The Support...

Alternatively, if you prefer to DIY or want the freedom to top up your tan as and when needed, we've got a great range of products that will allow you to achieve the ultimate in festival beauty. Here's our top picks:

  • Xen-Tan Flawless Logic - The Top Up Tan: The perfect festival friendly tanner, Flawless Logic is a clever handbag size tan-on-the-go stick that creates an instant glamorous glow. Simply pop in your rucksack and top up as needed.
  • Xen-Tan Ins-Tan-Taneous - The 60 Second Tan: This gorgeous instant tan dries in just 60 seconds so you can literally just dress and go! It's transfer resistant too, so even if  (or should we say when??) the Great British weather lets you down, you can be confident your tan won't!
  • Xen-Tan Perfect Bronze - The Compact Tan: Another handbag friendly product, this luxurious bronzer glides on to the skin blending effortlessly with any skin tone. Ideal for accentuating any areas such as cheeks, decolletage and shoulders in seconds. 
  • Xen-Tan Transform Luxe - The gradual tan: Build a smooth and flawless sun-kissed glow gradually up until the day of the festival, whilst nourishing your skin with added moisturisers leaving it beautifully hydrated! Recently awarded 'Best Self Tan for the Body!'
  • Xen-Tan Miniatures -  The Travel Tans: These cute travel sized miniatures are perfect for festivals! Pack your favourites and still have room in your bag for other festival essentials! 

Whichever Xen-Tan you choose, we're confident you'll be looking and feeling good all over!

19 Jan 2020 - 3:17 am

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