It may only be two week’s into the month but we’re already missing the pj and Netflix days the festive season allowed us to get away with. It’s cold and wet and we all need agood cheering up! So check out our tips to brighten up your mood this month and say goodbye to those January blues once and for all.

1. Stay active.

We may not like to admit it but we’ve all said (or thought) “new year, new me” on at least one New Year’s Day in our lives. It’s cliché, but that’s for a pretty good reason. There isn’t a better time to start focusing on a new healthy you, especially after indulging just a little (ok a lot) over Christmas! Remember it’s not about trying to achieve your goal in just one month, it’s a process, so start with small changes, make some healthier choices, find workouts you enjoy and mix it up. This will help you to feel less stressed, more confident and energised, which in turns makes you want to stay active!

2. Get your glow on.

We all know life is better with a tan, it makes you feel healthier, and gives the confidence to pull off more daring colours and outfits. So make the time to pamper yourself, take a relaxing bath to prep and rejuvenate skin with one of our newest products Fresh Prep Scrub. It has a gorgeous citrus melon scent giving you a spa-like experience and leaves skin ready for self tan application. We’ve a wide range of self tans to suit any skin tone check them out here and feel good all over. You can even try a selection of our bestsellers for just £19.99.  

3. Be adventurous.

Remember that place you’ve always wanted to go, dream job you’ve wanted to do or activity you want to try out? There’s no time like the present so make a plan and get started. Set manageable goals you know you’re going to accomplish, and start putting the wheels in motion. You’ll feel much more motivated, driven and excited about the year ahead! 

4. Spring clean.

We know we’re 3 months early with this one but why leave it till Spring? The New Year is a great time to declutter. It could be as simple as clearing out your wardrobe or organising your desk at work – “a clear space equals a clear mind.” Pick a day and get stuck in. (Plus you can create more space to stock up on your fave Xen-Tan!) 

Happy New Year,

Love Xen-Tan x

22 Jan 2020 - 12:21 pm

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