Trick your way to a slimmer figure

Being body confident comes from within but feeling 'good all over' certainly helps. Xen-Tan have the easiest and safest way to help boost confidence inside and out thanks to some expert slimming tricks that can improve your self esteem instantly. 

A body contouring tan is not just for a-listers; with Xen-Tan's Moroccan Tan (£24.99) and Luminous Gold Gel (£24.99) you can achieve a sculpted look easily at home. "With a little practice, even an inexperienced tanner can get to grips with body contouring," says Natalie Roche, Managing Director for Xen-Tan UK.

Here's how:

After applying a base of Moroccan Tan, apply Luminous Gold Gel with the Xen-Tan Luxury Tanning Mitt down the fronts of the legs, along the arms and across the decolletage (and back if desired). This will visually lengthen and contour the limbs and accent areas with the glistening shimmer.

If you’re hitting the pool or beach, try applying Luminous Gold Gel underneath the bottom for an instant lift, down the centre of the stomach to define abs.  If you prefer a matt look, swap for Dark Lotion Absolute Luxe



A great looking tan is guaranteed to make you feel goodabout yourself, and Xen-Tan Moroccan Tan is the ultimate product in dark tanning. An innovative liquid lotion with premium Argan Oil combinedwith Xen-Tan’s trusted tanning formulations. This tan glides onto the skin, perfect for slimming unsightly areasthanks to its natural deep guide colour. Instantly moisturising your tan willgradually develop into a gorgeous deep olivecolour so you can step out in confidence.

A truly magical tan that will transform and develop into a rich golden glow, Xen-Tan Luminous Gold Gel applies as a silky clear gel. Instant luminous shimmer particles make it the ‘hassle free’ tan to contour with, refracting the light and blurring the skin for a more pleasing finish. Skin is highly moisturised and with Xen-Tan’s fastest drying formula yet you can easily define and sculpt in seconds.

19 Jan 2020 - 3:18 am

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