Top TRAVEL TIPS to keep you looking and feeling good all over

Summer officially started on the 21st June so you’re probably wanting to make the most of the long days and light nights before winter starts drawing in! Whether you’re opting for a stay-cation in Britain or are lucky enough to be jetting away to an exotic location abroad,we’ve got some top travel tips to keep you looking and feeling good all over.


The most important factor to a successful self tan application is the preparation, as the saying goes: ‘if you fail to plan, you plan to fail’, and we all know a self tan disaster is possibly the worst thing to happen before going away - nobody wants to look back at their holiday snaps to see streaks and patches!

All our self tans are easy to apply and have a moisture-rich formula, leaving you with a flawless finish every time, but you still need to prep before hand:

Body Scrub, £14.99 is the perfect product to ensure a smoother application and longer-lasting tan. Its granular texture rejuvenates skin, leaving it incredibly soft, smooth and perfectly prepared for tanning. Plus, it can be used after you’ve tanned to keep your colour even and your skin smooth.

Scent Secure, £24.99 is another one of our favourites to prep and maintain your gorgeous golden glow.This oil-free moisturiser leaves skin beautifully nourished and hydrated and can be used before, after and during self tanning.  

TOP TIP: To ensure your self tan lasts even longer use oil-free products. Oils can sit on the skin creating a barrier that can cause self tanners to streak and the colour to fade faster.


We all know how dangerous sitting in the sun too long and UV rays are, yet many people still spend hours out in the sun in order to achieve a natural tan.

At Xen-Tan we believe in safe tanning. Our products allow you to achieve the same results you love and will never go darker than you’d tan naturally, or turn orange.

Our tanning matrix is a great tool to help you pick the perfect Xen-Tan for you so whether you looking for a gradual flawless tansun-kissed golden glow or dark holiday tan we’ve got it covered!

Our handy miniatures are the perfect travel essential to keep your tan topped up whilst your away. Check out our range of mini’s here for just £4.99 each.

TOP TIP: Gradual tanner Transform Luxe is ideal to use as a tan extender and complements any of our tanning products to keep your glow lasting longer. Apply 4-5 days after your last self tan application.

Wherever you off to this summer we hope you have a great time!

Love Xen-Tan x

19 Jan 2020 - 3:19 am

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