Whether you’re a first time tanner or expert we’ve all experienced at least one self tan disaster, but don’t panic, we’re here to solve those common dilemmas…

Problem 1: I thought I applied my tan evenly but it’s still ended up patchy!

Oil is a self-tan’s worst enemy. One of the main reasons it causes a faux tan to go patchy or uneven is because it creates a barrier on the skin. To ensure you get an even application every time we’ve got one simple rule … PREP!

Always shave/wax and exfoliate the skin using an oil-free body scrub at least 24 hours before self tanning. Just as you’re about to apply your self tan, ensure that skin is clean and any oil-based products are removed.

Problem 2: I don't apply tan directly to these areas but it always goes too dark on my hands, feet and elbows

Tricky areas like the hands, feet and elbows are always a major giveaway. Lightly moisturising these areas with an oil-free product before application can prevent too much DHA absorbing into the skin and will get rid of those tell-tale dark elbows and patchy knees! Xen-Tan Scent Secure is the perfect product for this job. 

Problem 3: How do I stop my tan from fading?

Just because you’ve prepped before applying self tan, doesn’t mean it won’t fade. To ensure a long-lasting tan exfoliating is key.

“But won’t exfoliating strip my tan?” We hear you ask. No, is the simple answer, not if you’reusing the correct exfoliator, Xen-Tan Body Scrub keeps skin smooth and soft, boosts colour and won’t strip your tan. lasting colour, exfoliate and moisturise even after you’ve tanned.

Problem 4: I can’t reach to tan my back!

Look no further… check out our hard to reach back applicator that works with any self tan to make tanning those hard to reach places a breeze.


Problem 5: My tan always fades faster on my face

Our range of Face Tanners are the perfect solution to give you a long-lasting sun-kissed complexion and are so gentle on the skin that they can be used daily. Ensuring oil-free products are used on the face can be difficult and simply washing your face and applying and removing your makeup can cause your tan to fade faster.


Have a self tan dilemma we’ve not covered? Tell us…



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 Happy Tanning

Love Xen-Tan x

19 Jan 2020 - 3:18 am

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