Introducing the newest addition to the Xen-Tan range Fresh Tanning Mousse - a unique breakthrough formulation containing new Optimum Complex-30™, high quality ingredients and premium moisturisers.

So, what’s Optimum Complex-30™? (We hear you ask) It’s a new mix of DHA, Melanin and Xen-Tan’s exclusive time-release ingredient which work together to guarantee a longer lasting, deeper, richer tan. It works with the skin’s own pigment and gives a flawless, even tan every time.

Once applied, the weightless white foam sinks in in seconds, leaving skin and feeling fabulous thanks to the following skin-loving ingredients:

Peptides – Help skin to build collagen

Vitamin D&E – Protectskin from ageing and promotes a youthful appearance

Green Tea – A strong antioxidant that reduces ageing and has anti-inflammatory benefits

Ginkgo Biloba- Helps toincrease blood flow and circulation brightening and energising the skin

Aloe Vera- Retains skins moisture leaving it hydrated and soft

The benefits don’t stop there… its weightless formulation and non-greasy finish means it dries super fast so you can dress immediately after application. And because it has no guide colour, you don't have the worry of staining clothes or bedsheets. 

One layer develops into a rich, olive colour in just 3 hours. Looking for a darker tan? Fresh Tanning Mousse can be layered to create a darker shade, once your first layer is dry simply smooth on another coat for a deeper colour. Its gorgeous fresh grapefruit scent makes it perfect for both men and women, leaving you feel fresh and clean.

We’ve already had great reviews from people like you…

“…First thing to mention about this tan is that it smellsincredible and the fluffy foam texture makes it super easy to apply...I applied two coat of this product (as I wanted a deep tan) and it gave me a really rich dark natural tan that lasted ages and faded beautifully. LOVE it!” – XEN-TAN FAN

“To put it simply this is the best tan I've ever used! The colour it gives is really natural and it leaves my skin feeling amazing.” – XEN-TAN FAN

Fresh Tanning Mousse is also loved by top beauty editors from Glamour,Cosmopolitan, Bella and many more. Read the reviews in full here.

Try the Tanovation for yourself buy our tan on the week Fresh Tanning Mousse for £33.99 or shop the whole Clean Collection (Fresh Tanning Mousse, Fresh Face Tan and Fresh Prep Scrub) for just £49.99. That’s a saving of £23!

Read more about the Clean Collection here

Happy Tanning,

Love Xen-Tan x

19 Jan 2020 - 3:19 am

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