It may be cold outside but that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a beautifully natural dark olive tan. Best Seller Dark Lotion, £28.99 is a favourite amongst celebrities,beauty editors and beauty bloggers. Why do they love it so much?

Check out the amazing reviews of our trusted tan from blogger babes Liza, Laura, Zoe, Gemma and Pam who can’t get enough…

Liza Prideaux |

Professional Beauty, Fashion, Home and Lifestyle Blogger

“…many people rave about this product I can totally see why. This tan is perfect for those who like a deep olive tan and is actually the easiest Xen-Tan product to apply…”

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Laura Louise | 

Professional Make-up Artist withexperience within the beauty, fashion & music industry

“One of my favourite beauty products EVER… The colour is always perfect and streak-free; Xen use an olive undertone as opposed to the dreaded tango hue”

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ZoeNewlove |


Head of Make-up Artistry & SocialMedia Manager for Crownbrush UK and Beauty Blogger

“When I woke up in the morning, not only was I dark, but my sheets has zero marks on them, and I smelt good … Most importantly, the tan looks natural – not fake.”

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Gemma |

 Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

“One of my favourite things about this tan is the shade – it gives a lovely olive toned tan which I think looks really natural on my skin, and there’s no risk of looking orange.”

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Pam |

Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

“What I love about Xen-Tan is it looks like a natural, olive hue… This premium self-tan lotion lasts for up to 10 days and fades gradually so you don’t end up with patchy colour.”

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Happy Tanning,

Love Xen-Tan x

19 Jan 2020 - 3:18 am

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