Whether you’re an addict or a beginner to the art of self tanning, Xen-Tan is the revolutionary tan for those who want to enjoy a gorgeous, natural-looking glow that is guaranteed to make you look and feel good all over.

A healthy glow is a great confidence booster, however some people see fake tan as just a single use product that only gives just one result. However, with practice and the right products, tan can be used to create different looks. Here are our 5 of our favourite Xen-Tan looks;

1. Extend your tan with Transform Luxe – this award winning gradual tan is the perfect product to achieve radiant, olive-toned skin that’s deeply moisturised and glowing with health. As well as being a gradual tanner, Transform Luxe, £24.99 is an ideal ‘tan extender’ that can be used in between tanning with any of Xen-Tan’s other professional products, or to extend a natural holiday tan.

2. Shimmer with Flawless Logic – Xen-Tan’s luxurious gel-to-powder stick lets you create an instant, flawless, bronzed glow in seconds. Apply Flawless Logic, £22.99 to the front of legs and shoulders to highlight and add a touch of  shimmer and glow to a natural or sunless tan.

3. Contour with Perfect Bronze and Face TannerFace Tanner, £16.99 and Perfect Bronze,£21.99 are the perfect pair to create a sun-kissed look. Apply Face Tanner to gradually build a natural olive toned glow, then add Perfect Bronze underneath cheek bones, around hair line and jawline to add definition to the face. Read our blog on how to bronze like a pro for more hints and tips on contouring.

4. Tan in 60 seconds with Ins-Tan-Taneous – tanning couldn’t be easier or quicker with our instant tan. Ins-Tan-Taneous, £26.99 dries in just 60 seconds so you can achieve a flawless olive tan, dress and go! Apply as thin or thick as you like for a soft or really deep tan. Read our blog on Ins-Tan-Taneous for more tips on how to get the most from your 60 second tan.

5. Achieve a flawless tan all over with Dark Lotion – the original best selling cult favourite is enriched with jojoba and walnut oils and packed with moisturisers, so it glides onto the skin leaving it nourished with a natural yet intense olive glow. DarkLotion, £28.99 is a firm favourite with many and is guaranteed to make you look and feel good all over!

Never tried Xen-Tan? We have handy minis at just £4.99 so you can try whichever tan takes your fancy before buying a full sized bottle. You’ll receive a £5 voucher towards your next purchase too!

Happy Tanning

Love Xen-Tan x

19 Jan 2020 - 3:19 am

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