When you're tanning at home, preparation is the key to getting the most natural and even-looking result. It's amazing what a difference it can make, so it's worth following these few simple steps to make sure you get a flawless tan that last even longer...


  1. Shave or Wax: Make sure you shave or wax any areas you need to - shaving or waxing immediately after treatment can damage the colouring.

  2. Exfoliate: Exfoliate using an oil-free product, focusing on drier areas such as elbows, knees and ankles - Xen-Tan Body Scrub is particularly effective.

  3. Moisturise: Moisturise your whole body with an oil-free moisturiser such as Xen-Tan Scent Secure 


  1. Cleanse: Remove any make-up, deodorant, moisturisers or anything that could act as a barrier between your skin and the tanning product, as this can lead to discolouration.

  2. Moisturise: Apply a thin layer of oil-free moisturiser to elbows, knees and ankles at this point too, but try and avoid contact with the rest of your body as this could prevent a completely even finish. Try Xen-Tan Scent Secure for an oil-free moisturiser with a delicious fresh fragrance.

Xen-Tan Body Scrub

 Xen-Tan Scent Secure 


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