Welcome to the fabulous world of Xen-Tan, where you don't just look amazing on the outside, but you feel great on the inside too.

Whatever your skin tone, we have the perfect product for you. We offer three natural looking tones for self application - dark, medium and gradual - as well as a professional salon spray treatment.

Carefully formulated using unique ingredients to create a long-lasting, natural olive tan with a flawless finish, each product is also packed with moisturisers to nourish your skin, so your tan fades evenly and smells delicious too.

With the right products and the right guidance, you'll be feeling good all over in no time at all.

Remember, the application - preparation and aftercare are essential to achieving that perfect flawless look at home...


When you're tanning at home, preparation is the key to getting the most natural and even looking result. It's amazing what a difference it can make... read more


Once you've fully prepared, it's time for application. If you're trying for the first time, just take it easy and use a little at a time - there's no rush and you'll soon get the hang of it... read more


Once your tan has been applied, you should be feeling good all over. But there are still a few steps worth following to guarantee the results are absolutely flawless and your tan lasts as long as possible... read more


Alternatively for that special occasion, why not visit one of our Spray Tan Salons. We take a great deal of care to make sure that all salons that stock Xen-Tan are fully trained to advise you on all our products and give a gorgeous, professional tan in minutes. To locate your nearest salon, click here.

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