Xen-Tan is a premium sunless self-tan company specializing in products that give a natural colour. Utilizing the most innovative ingredients and advanced technology in the industry, Xen-Tan products nourish the skin, contain pleasant aromas, and give a truly natural looking self-tan. Xen-Tan was created in 2002 as a solution for customers who did not want an unnatural orange color and chemical smell from their self-tanning products. Every product we develop is designed to give the customer a natural looking tan with an olive undertone™.Not only are all of our products safe for face and body, the superior formulas, textures, and colors are compatible with all skin tones and types. Pleasant scents like cherry-almond, vanilla, and coconut make the self-tanning process an enjoyable experience.


Xen-Tan products are never orange. The unnatural orange color common in traditional self-tanning products is caused when the sunless tan ingredient, DHA (dihydroxyacetone), is released too quickly on the skin. The secret behind our natural looking olive undertone™ tan is our time-release agent. This agent controls the amount of DHA released on the skin during application. Of the participants who tested our products, 90% agreed that the resulting tan looked more natural than competitor products on the market!


All Xen-Tan products use top quality ingredients to tan and treat your skin.

• Green Tea - Promotes anti-aging and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

• Vitamin D & E - Helps to protect your skin from cellular maturation and promotes a youthful appearance.

• Shea Butter - Moisturizes skin to retain/restore flexibility and elasticity.

• Gingko Biloba - Has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which help to protect and regenerate skin.

• Peptides - Stimulates the skin to build collagen and helps to prevent wrinkles.


We left out the bad ingredients so that our customers can truly tan the healthy way.

• Parabens

• Gluten

• Sulfates

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